Create a lightweight product plan that is built for change

Balance flexibility while staying organized: use clever impact mapping and opportunity trees.

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Make your product plan lightweight

Impact mapping, Opportunity Trees and the GIST Framework are great.

They capture your product plan and combine strategy, discovery and delivery. So that there is no split of ideation, planning and execution .

They have one thing in common: hierarchy.

Hierarchies are lightweight: easy to create, simple to understand.

No plan survises unless you respond to changes. Be able to quickly adapt your plan.

Climopp gives you just that: a hierarchy that is easy to create and change, while staying organised.

In most tools hierarchies are hard to maintain and adapt. Climopp makes this easy!

So you can create a lightweight product plan that is built for change.

Strategic planning

Ensure that the right business outcomes are achieved.
Prevents you from getting lost while building products and delivering projects.
Make better roadmap decisions.

Discovery as a team

Clearly communicate assumptions.
Collaborate as a team.
Collect ideas from workshops or
start a remote session.

Agile delivery

Align team activities with overall business objectives.
Follow up on impact and outcome.
Prevent scope creep and over-engineered solutions.

Visualise your strategy

Overview of your Goals, OKRs and Impacts

Capture Goals, Impacts and Vision
Note and measure OKRs


Get input from Value vs Risk, Kano model or a Canvas
Node sizes reflect the effort needed to deliver the impact.
You can easily change your mind and move nodes around, so that your plan reflects your new insights.

Add personas, actors and customer journey

Capture your design thinking artefacts

View your plan as an outcome based roadmap

Your can export the visualisation to an outcome based roadmap.

Works with your framework

Works with your favourite framework: Impact Mapping, Opportunity Tree or GIST Framework.
You cannot move "impact" nodes under a "task" node when you work with impact mapping, for example.

Impact Mapping
Opportunity Tree
GIST Framework

Track discovery

Validate ideas, prioritise and test your hypothesis


Describe what you think users need


Each Hypothesis is split in one or more assumptions


Check market or product ideas
Add generative or evaluative experiments
Add an experiment per assumption

Visualise Delivery


Track progress on a Kanban board

Hill charts

Prefer Shape Up from Basecamp? Hill charts are added too

User Story Mapping

Place your goal on a user story map and track the linked stories


Collaborate as a team

Validating ideas is not something you do on your own. Works for remote teams too!

Add comments on any node

Collect ideas from live workshops or start a remote session.
All nodes can have as many comments as you want.
Star important nodes for further inspection.

Be notified

Work together in real-time.
Be nodified when someone comments or changes your plan.
Snooze when you don't want to be disturbed.

Integrate with your favourite tool

Plans shoud not stay in isolation.
Use Zapier, IFTTT or Integromat to import or export your plan.
Works with Google Sheets and Excel.

Work together
Mark, flag and star important nodes


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